Tyre maintenance

Tyres treatment with FAKIR TYRE PROTECTION® (FKR) will bring you a dozen benefits considering the investment!


  • Prevents flats;
  • Seals leaks;
  • Cools the tyres.

A good choice for preventative tyre maintenance program!

FKR can help you retrench your tyre maintenance budget further by extending the life of your current tyres, reducing downtime and repair costs, and reducing damage to equipment.

Proper tyre inflation is the most important factor in tyre life.

Failure proper tyre inflation is the most common cause of premature taking out of use of tyre. Fitting tyres with FKR will result in maintaining a cooler operating temperature, longer tyre life and better fuel mileage.

FKR is primarily a necessity, not especially a product for car enthusiasts. Economic efficiency of the product is proven fleet-wide, by evaluating the tyre maintenance costs before and after use FKR.

In order to track operating efficiency of the product we recommend you to use the INSTALLATION AND EVALUATION FORM drawn up for each vehicle whose tires were treated with FKR.

A flat tyre is not just disconfort for having to be remediate. For car fleets it also means lack of profit and additional stationary cost.