1. We want to remit the results of fitting tyres with FAKIR TYRE PROTECTION, manufactured by your company.

FKR use led to significant savings, reducing our costs on tire maintenance. Economic efficiency of the product was proven soon to our vehicles operating on the industrial platform (buldo-excavators) to which we faced a lot of punctures.(…)

Evaluating the number of punctures  recorded on the tires before and after using FKR (some cases due to cuts over 30 mm), we believe that purchasing FAKIR TYRE PROTECTION represented an important choice.
We recommend using FAKIR TYRE PROTECTION to all fleet owners. Tire lifetime increases significantly, leading to important savings up to entire fleet.
Thank you for your cooperation.

(S.C. AROMET S.A. –Buzau)

2. It is our great pleasure to remit the conclusions of testing the products supplied by your company under specific conditions of vehicles exploitation into the Interior Ministry.

Also we convey our thanks for the documentation provided and technical assistance given during test period. The Testing program, started in March 1999, sought to verify the behavior in exploimining tires equipped with XTP02 and XTP03,  solution for tubes protection Q-Protect (…)

As we agreed, considering the specifics of our unit, the data provided correspond to testing on a segment of our fleet of vehicles and are expressed in percentage. The test was conducted on a mixed fleet, in the context of executing operational missions on a journey of two million kilometers of road on all national territory.
After the test, the results are as follows:

– the ride has improved, maintaining tire pressure;

– the stationary time needed for punctures remediation has been entirely removed;
– inner tube explosions have not been recorded or they were not recorded as such when producing ( 2 cases);

– inner tubes consumption was reduced by 86 %

– tyre consumption due to destruction caused by rolling on flat tyre was reduced by 100%;

– tyre consuption due to repeated vulcanization was reduced by 88%.

(Ministry of Interior-Romania)

3. The product purchased from your company, FAKIR TYRE PROTECTION has confirmed the  expected performances

Our company carries out activities in industrial construction and assembly, operating vehicles on industrial platforms. Before using your product we were dealing with frequently punctures, which blocked the activity. Now we can work ceaseless because  puncture, which was  the leading cause of  vehicle immobilization, was almost eliminated.(…)

In the situations where we found that the perforating objects remained in the tires , the repairing is easy using FKR. Following the instructions provided, simply pulling nails and imediate running, the flat no longer get to produce. Using FKR the tire becomes a self-sealing tire.

We consider FAKIR a very usefull product for car fleet.


4. We tested your product (X-TREME Tire Protection n.a.) in the cruelest possible way; it responded exceptionally well to all tests.

This makes us decide to use exclusively your product.

(B. Oros-Sweden)

5. I want to share a personal experience regarding the use of FAKIR TYRE PROTECTION.

At one time I perceived a strange noise at one of the tires. Visually inspecting it I found nothing wrong. Was properly inflated. Going to specialist, we were very surprised when he extracted the object, 17 cm lenght, from the tyre, that was the cause of the noise, resulted from rubbing the rim .

(Carmen B.-car owner)

6. We equipped with FAKIR Tyre Protection the following types of vehicles :

–          Ford cars

–          Dacia cars and utility vehicles

–          Iveco vans and trucks (…)

Since was not reported untill now neither event ( flat tyre ) to this types of vehicles, the results are satisfactory. In the situations where we found that the perforating objects remained in the tires , we followed the procedure recommended in this case ( presented in the Instalation Manual available when we purchased FAKIR).

Simply removing the perforating object from the tyre, followed by immediate run, lead to self-sealing of the tyre. We consider that we made a profitable investment by purchasing FKR, because our car fleet, maintained „plugged on” has successfully amortized cost.

(S.C. Unirom S.A.-Buzau)

7.We want to remit the results of using the product X-Treme Tire Protection – XTP03, which we purchased from your company in November 1999.

Fitting tires with XTP03 led to extend their service life by significant reduction of flats frequency in traffic conditions. (…)

Thus, the ride has improved by eliminating stationary time that would have involved repairing punctures.
Good results were also recorded using XTP03 on the air bags of suspension, which frequently craze, in conditions of use (high pressure – 8 to 10 atm and bending). Given the above, our company recommends using the X-Treme Tire Protection – XTP03 by vehicle owners.

(S.C. Transporturi Bucurestii Noi International S.A.-Bucharest)

8. Regarding to X-TREME Tire Protection, used by our company, we let you know that the solution was tested on company’s vehicles with good results as follows:

Using the solution led to cutting out the stationary time of cars from our company. Waiting time was high due to heavy roads inside the landfill.(…)

Reducing stationary time of the vehicles, has increased the use period and economic efficiency of our services.
Considering the results obtained by our company using this solution we consider the product X-TREME Tire Protection helpfull for automobile companies.

(S.C. REBU S.A. Bucharest)

9. Regarding your address 1345/30.01.2004 we mention that X-Treme Tire Protection solution used on the vehicles from our unit, is helpfull, presenting warranty in exploitation.

(S.N.P. PETROM S.A.-Sucursala TRANSPECO Bucharest Unit)

10. After assessing performances of XTP (X-Treme Tire Protection) in heavy exploitation (heavy loads, high frequency of punctures, particularly on double deck), the conclusions are as follows:

– punctures or special events as explosions were not recorded in the entire fleet equipped with tyre protection solution.

– the drivers received well this technical solution, and understood corectly the operation. (…)

– we assume a considerable increase of operating period, because the vehicles didn’t role on flat tires and the solutions cools the inner tube, inplicitly the tyre.

(S.C. Petros S.A. Ploiesti)