Installation Pump

In order to introduce FKR inside the tyre we shall use a manual pump made of aluminum that contains a transparent hose of PVC with polyester insertion.

The pump is calibrated in units and it is divided into 8 units :

1 unit=30 millilitre


After utilization the pump needs to be cleaned according to the procedure described below so that we can prevent a possible blockage due to fiber consolidation, which would impede free circulation of the sealant. On the contrary, the amalgamation of fibers could be pushed into the pump, causing a blockage.

  • Remove the pump out of the recipient and put it into a bucket full of water;
  • Activate pump arm several times;
  • Remove the pump from the water and continue pumping until the complete elimination of water.

When a container is empty and the pump is transferred immediately to another recipient you do not need to clean the pump.

If you do not use the pump, as it is still adjusted on the recipient, during a longer period of time, it will need to be cleaned according to the mentioned procedures.