About Us

Pro Auto Industries S.A. was founded in 1998 as a private company, developing industrial manufacturing activities based on it’s own patents, holding own capabilities of research/development and manufacturing. Innovation is the basic rule in product development.

Company’s name is related to our first product range, with use in automotive field. X-treme Tire Protection, tyre protection sealant, was the first product manufactured by us. From September 2008 this product is marketed under a new brand, FAKIR TYRE PROTECTION, registered as trademark at OHIM (Office for harmonization in the Internal Market-Trade Marks and Designs). The idea of a new brand came when, doing a demonstration on how it works, we were,”accused” of ‘fachirism and paranormal.” It seemed incredible that a tire should continue „on its feet” after passing over a real nail brush.

Over the time, the product was ”helped to grow old” slowly in maximum ‘’stress” conditions (high pressure and temperature, repeated centrifugation, oxidizing environment caused by air pressure in tires), enjoying now to obtain a product with good stability in time.

FAKIR TYRE PROTECTION is obtained under our own patent formula, having an National approved Patent and an International Patent pending.

We were the most demanding ‘’customers.” We tested the product in independent accredited laboratories, we watched it in exploitation, to convince ourselves first of all about the qualities of this product. We want to develop a sustainable business, by offering our customers a reliable product. We also manage this business through DYNAMIC SPORTS PRODUCTS S.R.L.

Our experience has turned us into proffesionals!