Tire Sealant – Fakir tyre sealant prevents and seals INSTANTLY

Thanks to the strength of research and development activities deployed by our company’s chemists, PRO AUTO INDUSTRIES has developed a valuable concept: a product that maintains and also improves upon the intrinsic characteristics of the tyres. These characteristics are related both to lifetime and safety aspects.

What does FAKIR TYRE PROTECTION® refer to ?

FKR is a complex chemical product, obtained under a patented formula in the form of a gel with thixotropic properties, which contains a mixture of fibers and solid particles in constant suspension.
It is designed to seal the elastic wall of precincts where there is air under pressure, in case of accidental piercing with perforating objects .
It is conceived in order to be efficient irrespective of climate, and thus the optimal performance of the product can be maintained in extreme thermal situations of tyre use.


When the vehicle is driven, FKR is distributed as a continuous coating. At the moment when the tyre is punctured, centrifugal force combined with internal air pressure , force FKR into the hole, thereby creating a flexible plug. As the tyre continues to run, the flexion activity triggers the entrance of supplementary material inside the perforation, and this develops a permanent seal. Practically a puncture occurring during tyre motion is going to seal instantly, so that you would not even know that a flat had occurred. The plug that has been formed is impermeable.
Using FAKIR TYRE PROTECTION you shall discover its multiple tire sealant ADVANTAGES